Our Team

Suhuash Roy
Qualifications: MSc in Data Warehousing & Data Mining, BSc in Computer Science, Advanced Diploma in Project Management, PTLLS

Suhash has more than 15 years of experience in the Web Development Industry. Suhash started his career at London Trinity College as IT manager & IT Course Co-ordinator back in 2006. He served as the lead technical professional in the development, maintenance and enhancement of different academic projects in multiple colleges. He is experienced in translating the business requirements to the technical specification and designing database solutions for medium and large organisations.

He also gained experience by working as a 'backend developer' at different Web Development agencies by working directly with customers from different industry sectors - transport, non-profit, manufacturer, engineering, construction and technology. While working for colleges, he developed a comprehensive information management system and named it iCollege. This system was successfully implemented in London School of Commerce & IT, London Trinity College, London East Bank College, The Central College of London, Middlesex Academy of Business and Management, Walthamstow Business College & Rayat London College. He developed several ERP & CRM in his career.

Though Suhash is a Web Developer, he also loves to teach. He completed the teaching qualification - PTLLS. Suhash believes that 'Software is like cathedrals. First, we build them, then we pray...' .

A R Zerin
Qualifications: BSc in Computer Science & Engineering

Zerin is a highly skilled software engineer, with over 16 years of experience in PHP including Raw PHP, framework based - Codeigniter, Laravel, databases - Oracle, MSSQl, MySQL and many more. He works in all stages of development from requirement analysis to coding, server management to office management.

Zerin is our front-end wizard and backend superstar. He is an excellent team player, he works remotely with developers from USA, India, Philippines and Bangladesh.

Zerin strongly believes that 'A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street...'.

Indra Ghose
Qualifications: Bar-at-Law, LLM, LLB

Indra is the lady of the web developers team and is mainly responsible for all legal activities, updating company policies, writing software agreements, managing customer records and processing payroll.

Indra has a strong law background. After completing LLM from Cardiff University, she completed her Bar-at-Law from the City University London. She also loves to work for the community and currently working at the Citizen Advice bureau as an advisor. Indra is also a music artist, she performs in different curtural activities. Indra takes care of all our admin and loves a good chat.

Indra believes that 'Lawyers are problem-solvers—so are coders, Lawyers use language and logic—so do coders...".

Bivash Roy
Qualifications: MBA in management, BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)

without standards, there can be no improvement...

Bivash is responsible for testing our newly developed software, writing technical documents and training our clients before our web applications go live. He ensures that the quality of the finished web projects meets our internal standards.